About Ang Chen


During my undergraduate studies at Fudan University, one of the top universities in China, I majored in philosophy, with a specific focus on practicing perceptual and conceptual thinking for effective social communication and public relations. My post graduate studies at the Shanghai Theatre Academy gave me further opportunities in learning performing arts, and more importantly, skills for outreach, as well as systematic training on face-to-face negotiations and persuasive communications skills. Through Shanghai Theatre Academy’s exchange program at New York Film Academy, I learnt the technical sides of broadcast production, social media platform, news gathering to perfect skills and understanding in the requirements of videography and editing.

Working for the MediaGlobal News which specializes the coverage on the UN, an internship in UN WebTV, as well as an individual contractor at UN DESA, provided me with broad knowledge of the ongoing debates in the UN, as well as the functioning of this organization. My previous work coverd wide of making multimedia, social media, project coordination and events organization.

As an individual contractor at DESA, I produced a number of promotional videos on the work of the Department, and global events (the Third International Conference on SIDS), as well as a series of promotional videos for GA Special Sessions and ECOSOC high-level meetings and functional Commissions meetings.
As requested by OUSG, I coordinated and facilitated the First High-Level Steering Committee Meeting of the UN Grant. Coordinated and facilitated the First Advisory Council Meeting of the UN Grant, including designing the program, coordination on travel and administrative arrangements. I also initiated the promotion webpage for application for the Grant, and helped coordinate, design and launch the development of the Grant website. I designed and launched the UN Grant Logo and application form. I have developed very close working relations with colleagues from OUSG, DSD and DPADM while working on the Grant. I collected and answered the emails from the grant applicants, advisory council members and their sherpas.

During the internship at DESA, I have been also involved since the initial stage of UN-DESA Grant on Powering the Future We Want at an ad-hoc request by OUSG, including assist in coordinating the signing of MOU. I supported the initial stage of the formulation of the UN Grant on Powering the Future We Want. Assisted with the coordination among OUSG and two substantive Divisions, as well as the donor for the signing of the MOU on the Grant.

An interview with John W. Ashe, President of General Assembly

An interview with John W. Ashe, President of General Assembly’s sixty-eighth session

At UN WebTV, I produced live and on-demand webcasts of General Assembly, Security Council and other UN Headquarter meetings, events and conferences within a fast paced, dynamic, and deadline oriented environment. I made a news bumper for all the videos on webtv.un.org and UN youtube channel.

As a UNCA correspondent for MediaGlobal News, I covered, filmed, and photographed the 68th General Assembly, Save the Children, Clinton Global Initiative 2013, and Global Compact Leaders Summit 2013. I filmed and edited weekly videos for global news sites MediaGlobal and UNEarth News, conducted research, regularly uploaded videos to VIMEO, and promoted MediaGlobal through different social media outputs including Twitter, Weibo, Facebook, Wechat, and Linkedin. I also filmed and edited interviews with the president of the General Assembly and several ambassadors.

In my previous work experience with Corp-PR L’Oreal (China), I participated in and contributed to L’Oreal China R&D image- building project. I had proven capability in working with multi-stakeholders on multi-tasks, including working with various levels of government and media. I have also accumulated rich experience in assuming a coordinating role.


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